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الموقع الالكتروني avatarverse.github.io
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الإصدار 1.17 1.18 1.19.x
النوع MMORPG ATLA Bending Abilities Roleplay Avatar Spigot Grief Prevention Nations Economy
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Avatarverse is an open-world roleplay server boasting a large-scale recreation of the entire Avatar world. We have almost all the locations from the shows and other canon content, plus more. You'll be able to walk through the streets of Ba Sing Se or Republic City, go swimming at Kyoshi Island, meditate in any of the five Air Temples (including Korra's Air Temple Island), and pretty much anything else you can think of. On Avatarverse, you can create a character and fully immerse yourself in the world of Avatar: The Last Airbender and The Legend of Korra. You can join canon nations like the Water Tribe—which are run by other players—and participate in the governments, politics, militaries, economies, etc. of those nations. You can set up shops and barter with custom, physical currencies. You can attack people, steal from people, kidnap people, and even murder people. You can silence political opponents. You can go to war and partake in Avatarverse's unique battle system. Avatarverse also offers over 50 unique bending abilities found nowhere else, like AirCocoon, AirCushion, the best SpiritualProjection ability out there, a custom RaiseEarth that can go horizontally and that you can throw at people, DustStepping, EarthRidge, FireWhips, FireDaggers, FireBlade, RazorRings, WaterSlash, PlantWhip, and many more. We even offer glassbending and two new nonbender subclasses: Warrior and Archer, with their own unique weapon skills. Through our resource pack, we also offer tons of custom mobs like the sky bison, which you can even ride around the world with your friends. It's even possible to bond with a dragon, ride it around, and shoot fire from it, burning people alive. Avatarverse is also always adding new features and improving, making it a truly unique experience among bending servers. We are extremely receptive to suggestions and all sorts of feedback, so if you ever wanted to request a custom ability or something, this might be your best chance. We have a welcoming community eager to expand to our full potential, so people will be willing to help you with whatever you need. Please do approach the server with an open mind, though, as we regularly diverge from the bending server status quo.

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