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网站 swemyhorseys.wixsite.com
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版本 1.18.2
类型 Survival Adventure Economy Roleplay Java Modded
位置 United States
最近更新23 Nov 2023
加入日期09 Jul 2023


Swemy Horseys is equestrian roleplay and economy server. Swemy Horseys is based off the SWEM mod, as well as it features a variety of other mods. We offer economy, roleplay, competition, and adventure. Our server is still in early development, but still open to the public as we continuously work on upgrading the server and creating better and better content. Check out our website for much more in depth information and see what future plans we have cooking up!

Buy, sell, get a server job, or create your own business. Become a farrier, vet, stablehand, rescue worker, swe-mart employee, riding instructor, facility owner/business owner, breeder, builder, contractor, photographer, videographer, and much more!

Build, compete, create your own facilities, take care of your horse, ride with friends.

Play survival, explore, fight bosses, complete dungeons, and fight to earn your own dragon egg. You can travel the skies by dragon, and travel the landsby horse!

Java > 1.18.2 > Equestrian > Forge > Economy > Survival > Adventure > Roleplay > Modded

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