Lands of Ethelia

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状态 Online
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版本 1.19.4
类型 Survival Multiplayer Survival Skills Nations Roleplay Dynmap Land Claim Custom terrain Essentials ChestShop
位置 United States
最近更新07 Oct 2023
加入日期12 Jun 2023


Lands of Ethelia is a Survival Nations server built around exploration, building, and roleplay.

Our server is NOT modded, and as such you can join without any prior install on any Java client 1.9 or higher, though we recommend the 1.20.1 as that is the servers native version.

On our server we bring the works of Stardust Labs to every single dimension, utilizing their datapacks to greatly enhance terrain generation and variety to give our players a breathtaking experience, whether they are building their home, exploring the countryside, or marching an army.

Our server encourages roleplay, specifically between groups of players, and as such our server utlizes the Lands plugin, to not only allow you to claim land and protect it from grief, but also to form nations and interact with other nations. We also encourage building great works of art, whether it be massive castles and medieval cities, or a huge skyscraper, we'll even showcase awesome builds made on our server on our website!

We have:
Dynmap, Aurellium Skills Lands, Terralith, Incendium, Nullscape, Treecapitator, Essentials, CoreProtect, ChestShop, DiscordSRV and more!

We want any and all willing hands to come play on our server and build it up as one of the greatest experiences for yourself and others, join today!

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