Hidden Sanctuary SMP

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网站 hiddensanctuary.com
Discord Discord
状态 Unknown
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版本 1.9.x
类型 AntiGrief Custom terrain Custom Biomes Custom Spawn Custom Items Semi Vanilla RPG Builds Lore Community
位置 United States
最近更新11 Feb 2023
加入日期06 Jan 2023


----> THE HS BETA OFFICIALY LAUNCHED ON 08/02/2023!! <------

**Hidden Sanctuary is 100% free to play. A true passion project. A big L to all the pay to win servers out there. We want to make an example out there!**
**HS is a FRESH 1.19.3 Minecraft SMP Claims, nations, pvp and pve server,** looking to expand and add content to the vanilla base game we all love so passionately. In addition to that I would love to invite you to a Discord server. A server that covers all sorts of topics. We love all sorts of games, but the focus is on Minecraft.

Currently we have a team of **6 fivehead developers (MC-STAFF role on Discord)** that are all ready to develop now that we have set up our **Trello board.** I started this serverproject late december 2022, and mark my words, it will be a one of a kind server, as all content will be handmade from scratch. We will be implementing a lot of ideas and the vision of my most recent Minecraft server which I unfortunately had to discontinue due to life issues. As for promotion and to get traffic going I am trying to grow myself on several different platforms. You can expect me to make a ton of content about the server together with you guys as I stream live on Twitch at least 5 days and 30 hours a week :wink: You can also find Knetterkoekje on YouTube and TikTok. Check my other socials through the Community/MC Server Discord: https://discord.gg/ms3w9rFA6k

HS owns pretty much every useful premium Java MC plugin, and we have several very experienced Custom Mob/Map/Worldgen config developers and designers on board. We will be slowly adding more and more content through various plugins by also applying our own server logic using a Minecraft scripting language called Skript with an additional library called SkriptBee. In addition to that we have a great network, as such we are able to contact any of the developers of said important premium plugins to request features for our server in case we cannot achieve our goals using Skript. Feel free to DM Knetterkoekje here on PMC, or on Discord @Knetterkoekje#6600 if you have any questions regarding Hidden Sanctuary, me or well anything :smile:

If this server does indeed sound as intruiging as I want it to, it is a better idea to come have a first hand look! :heart:

We are currently on a sponsored shockbyte server but we will move to a super stronk dedicated machine when time needs be (very soon!).I would like to reiterate that we are in BETA stage at the moment.The ETA for the full release is May 2023.

Trailer of the Nether: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pe_JWbC1GQc
Timelapse of our first PvP arena: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=27SjLYcqbG8

Get involved with Hidden Sanctuary today!
@ https://discord.gg/ms3w9rFA6k

Change Logs
18 Jan 2023

YOURE MISSING OUT! __**Patch notes Monday 16/01/2023**__

◘ Players can use **/wild** to rtp for $570
◘ Player can now repair items in their hand with money using **/repair** (was missing perms)
**/repaircost** to check the repair cost.
◘ Added rewards to voting for Hidden Sanctuary on 9 serverlists ( #mc-server-lists ).
◘ Players are reminded they have open votes ONCE every 24hours.
◘ Players can use the command **/vote** to find the GUI of all serverlists ingame.
Rewards are pulled from a random pool of goodies, similar to a lootbox (we will add actual dopamine inducing animations and particles in the future hehe).
Players are rewarded for voting on the most important serverlists, but the odds of getting better rewards are a lot higher for players who vote on all 9 of the serverlists.
The weekly. monthly and all-time top-voters also receive additional rewards in the form of custom tokens that can unlock all sorts of cosmetic items on Hidden Sanctuary (which will be one of the ways to rewards donators in the future^^). Since we are talking about actually getting some revenue to make this project a succes another idea of mine was to enable a priority queue at some point where players with a sub (of ~$5 a month) can always log into the server. Its just an idea, if everyone massively dislikes this we can always look at other options. However the cosmetics will 100% be implemented, very hard to obtain free to play, easy to get with a wallet :wink:
But rest assured, anything a wallet can unlock on Hidden Sanctuary will __**NEVER**__ bring imbalance to free to players! In other words you will never be able to buy progression on advantages in any way shape or form on this server.
◘ If a players inventory is full when receiving voting rewards the items will be dropped on the floor in front of them.

◘ Updated several plugins and the server software to their latest versions.
◘ Shulkers now respawn on purpur blocks if their block data refers to them belonging to a End City.
You cannot mine the blocks and build an end city where-ever it only respawns on naturally generated End City purpur blocks.
◘ KODOS the Ender Dragon now finally respawns every 24h :smile: (gets stronger every time he is slain).
12500 EXP felt as too little a reward for slaying such a challenging boss, updated to 20000 EXP.
The other values as communicated in previous patch-notes are left the same.