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状态 Unknown
最近PingMonitoring disabled
版本 1.19
类型 Skyblock Bukkit Spigot Economy
位置 Australia
最近更新04 Jul 2022
加入日期04 Jul 2022


This is a skyblock worked on by multiple people.

There is a hub, a few shops and even an area where you can fight mobs!

This server is a branch off of Bob and Filler Minigames (Releasing soon!) Iridium Skyblock 1.19 is used to give this server an extra good skyblock. We also use Poweranks for the ability to own ranks (and even show off if you want!) The server runs on spigot/bukkit and is hosted off of my pc, so don't worry about the server getting hacked.


The buildings around the hub are an Auction house, Shop and Ranks Store.


This server is being actively worked on every day to make sure users may have the best experience.



Lots and lots of plugins (Mainly IridiumSkyblock, AuctionMaster and Vault)

FillerMcDiller (me): Managing the plugins/making them work and being the owner.

ChandlerB3010: Built the Auction House and Shop.

MetalMyMario: Built everything else.

You: For playing (hopefully that's what you have done)