PixelBangla Network

投票支持 服务器

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网站 pixelbangla.com
Discord Discord
状态 Unknown
最近PingMonitoring disabled
版本 Latest
类型 Survival SMP Spigot Bukkit Land Claim PvP Survival
位置 Bangladesh
最近更新19 Mar 2024
加入日期15 Jun 2022


PixelBangla Network is a Minecraft survival server from Bangladesh for both Java and Bedrock/PE. You can enjoy a lot of features and play fun minigames here. It become much more enjoyable when you can play with your friends! The PixelBangla Network server also provides a Discord server where you can get 24/7 support service, and hangout with other players.   Features:

➣ Semi-vanilla Survival
➣ BoxPvP Minigame
➣ Crossplay (Java + Bedrock/PE)
➣ Cracked Version Supported
➣ Economy Feature ➣ Land Protection Feature
➣ GUI Shop Feature
➣ Teleportation Feature
➣ Startup Kits On First Join
➣ Honourable greet for most activity ➣ Premium Gears To Keep The Server Alive
➣ 99% of Uptime
➣ 24/7 Support provide

➣ Website: https://www.pixelbangla.com
➣ Discord: https://discord.pixelbangla.com