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版本 Latest 1.7 1.20.2
类型 Survival Economy MCMMO Java Cracked Factions Skyblock Custom Enchants Dungeons
位置 Canada
最近更新27 Sep 2023
加入日期11 Apr 2021



RomanMC Network (1.7 - 1.20.2) offers a premium experience for free! We are a semi-cracked server with tons of both premium and popular plugins to give you an experience of a lifetime!

- Survival / Skyblock / Factions
- 100+ Plugins Per Gamemode
- Mob & Parkour Dungeons
- Pets That Fly!
- Land Claiming + Town Claiming | 3D Subdivides
- Mob Coins
- 400+ Custom Enchants
- Jobs
- Auction Houses, Coinflips, Lottery

What are you waiting for? Be part of our community at today!


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Change Logs
10 May 2021

Minions Added!


Minions: Minions are little entities that do a lot of work for the player, like mining, collecting loot, killing mobs, selling stuff from chests and make life a lot easier! You can now use /minions store to purchase minions! Minions can also be upgraded, to access the minion menu simply left click them!


11 May 2021

Reworked Island Missions


11 May 2021



Added PVP Arena to Skyblock! /pvp to get there!


PVP Rules:

1) No fly

2) No Speed


4) Teleporting somoene inside the arena is not allowed

5) Manipulating somoene inside the arena is also not allowed!


Caught doing any of these will result in punishments

, ====================================

11 May 2021

Added Iron Ore + Gold ore to selling list! Now they can be sold using /sell or by seller minions!

12 May 2021

1) Added /warps

2) Changed /repair to /fix to take care of the overlapping between Essentials & McMMO

12 May 2021

Added /Fix & /Fly command to Premium Crates
Added /Fix command to Monthly Crates

12 May 2021

Added /Namecolor menu to access all namecolors for donor ranks!

12 May 2021


Each vote has a 5% Chance of giving Perks Crate Key.



Each vote has a 5% Chance of giving Premium Crate Key.

13 May 2021

Phantom Protection


Phantom Protection:

Phantoms can be annoying and realllllly pesky! Well no longer! Introducing you a special plugin i coded to solve this... PhantomProtection v1.0 =D Vip and above can use /phantomprotection to enable phantom protection. Any phantom that comes in a 10 block radius will be dead!

Important: Phantoms are killed every 5 seconds when enabled, so if they take a while to die, its not a bug. Adhere, phantoms which are name tagged DO NOT die from phantom protection! So you can as welll store phantoms for show off! =D


14 May 2021

Sell Wands


Sell Wand:

Sell wand added to Vote Crates! Right click a chest to sell the items inside it!


1) Premium Crate has as 1.5x sell wand multiplier token that will make your sell wands sell stuff for 1.5x more

2) May Crate also gives you the same multiplier token.


14 May 2021





- /colorcodes added, a new plugin by me to help with colorcodes

- New server software to take care of chunk lightning glitch

- Changing shop plugin that will take care of minons not selling some stuff that is on store


15 May 2021

Major Shop Rework


New Shop Plugin:

Changed the shop plugin that we used earlier that had a sell bug, and wasn't as popular to have hooks with other plugins. This new plugin lets everyoneee sell stuff directly from the shop itself instead of running /sell (although /sell all /sell hand are a thing now!)!

How does this matter?

Now sell wands, and seller minions automatically detect the existence of this plugin, and all the sell prices that exist in this shop plugin are what they sell for. This means I do not have to manually input prices, so there is nothing that would be on the store and seller would not sell!


15 May 2021

Major Economy Rework


Earlier Problems:

There was no established economy, no way of earning consistent money, and so gameplay became a grind. There was no way of selling things altogether, making it tedious. Something Skyblock did better was a better driven economy, ways to earn. This changes today, as major updates are introduced that will make farms more worth it, make grinding worth and more understandable.

1) Gui Shop Current Warp Store will be changed into a different kind of shop. Now, we have /Shop which will allow you to buy and sell stuff on the go!

2) /Sell /Sell command now corresponds to the sell price in the /shop. Now players can sell massive amount of items in their inventory/hand/similar types of items inventory that player is holding in their and easily.

3) Sell Wand Sell Wands can be won from the Vote Crates. They also correspond to the rates in /shop. Right click a chest and the items in the chest will be sold! This entire economy will be now more fluid, much easier to make different farms and sell stuff! Spawn egg shop to be created soon as well that will change spawners!


16 May 2021

Spawner Stacking


Spawners Stack:

To reduce lag and to make people utilize the space given to them, spawner stacking is a thing now! Spawners can be stacked by simply right click a spawner near another spawner of the same kind. If you do not want it to stack hold crouch. Only VIPMega and above can break spawners, and you can shift break to break a stack altogether. I


Spawners will directly go in your inventory when you break them!


18 May 2021

Upgraded Server Performance for Skyblock:

As Survival already had been upgraded previously, our Skyblock has also been upgraded for better memory and performance!

PVP & Keep Inventory:

Now players get to keep inventory on death in pvp arena! 


18 May 2021

Added Looting to Slayer Minion Upgrades

19 May 2021

Schematic for mob arena!

20 May 2021

Made redstone & lapis block stackable!

23 May 2021


Mob Arena is out!


Introducing Mob Arenas! These have been released in both Survival as well as Skyblock! Fight with hoardes of extremely powerful enemies and if you defeat the boss you get a lot of Money as well as an amazingly powerful Sword and other rewards!


There are going to be multiple arenas in the future, this is our first and very basic one, once other arenas come we will make them unlockable so you will have to pay in game money to unlock more arenas for better rewards and tougher waves!

The one to defeat the boss will get the final rewards! That is the one to get the last hit on the boss! If you die do not fret, you do not lose exp or armour on death. When you die you are teleported to spectator booth. Your inventory will seem to be clear but its cause you are a spectator! Simply type /ma leave and you will be out!

How To Join?

1) Type /ma join mobarena1

2) Wait for the game to start!

3) Game can be left anytime using /ma leave

4) If you die you are teleported to the spectator booth. You can type /ma leave to get back your inventory before you started the arena.


Do not find loopholes to annoy other players, going afk or abusing matchmaking starting is prohibited. If you go afk in the arena and lose stuff it will not be the responsibility of the staff. We can check logs so lying about afk will be punishable.


24 May 2021

Made Nether Brick sellable

25 May 2021

Block stacking turned off in skyblock!

25 May 2021

Particle Effects Cosmetic Update!


Particle Effects:

(This update is only for donor ranks) There is a new cosmetic in town! Particle Effects! And not just any premade particle effects! You can setup your own particle effects!! You can design your own cosmetic effect combinations! This Update is both on Survival as well as Skyblock!

How to Use:

To begin, type /pp (). A menu opens up, from this menu, you can select the blaze powder icon and create your own particle effect style, or you can select a primary effect that always stays with you from the rocket + nether star icon! Removal of all effects can be done from Blaze Powder -> remove all effects. If you only want others to see your effects but dont want to see them yourself, click on your player skull in the menu toggle the effect!

You can also create groups that store multiple affects that you can turn on instantly!

Note - The maximum particle effects turned on at one time and the groups of effects a user can have can be found in the store for the ranks,


25 May 2021

Important Minion Upgrades Update

Minion prices have been reworked to suit the economy, and new levels have been added to most minions. To check what these new levels do visit

27 May 2021

Added /trade to both Survival + Skyblock

27 May 2021

PVP Toggle + Arena Prizes


PVP: Tired of not being able to pvp your friends!? Do not worry about it anymore! Now pvp'ing can be toggled simply by /pvp toggle|on|off !! PVP will be turned off whenever you log back in!

Arena Prize: Now you only get $45k as a the reward for killing the boss, also in between supply waves drop golden apples. enchanted gapps and arrows to help you sustain throughout the arena! ===============================

28 May 2021

Mob Drop & Crop Collector



To reduce server lag, and as a suggested way of optimizing, we introduce Crop and Mob Drop Collectors that are 2 separate collectors, each serving its individual purpose as you can make out by their names! They collect their respective drops from the chunk they are placed in into them. You can then right click them which opens a menu where you can sell the items from the storage.

The Mob Drop Collectors sell at 1.5x the price whereas the Crop Collectors will sell at 1x, however the crop collectors have something to them known as fortune! That means the crop collectors will multiply the drops when their fortune is upgraded! Also chunk collectors have limits as to how much they can hold so make sure to upgrade them!

They can be found in Vote Crates on both Survival and Skyblock servers!


28 May 2021

We have better moderation now with better ore logs, spawner logs, MC -> Discord logs, histories of punishments, inventory rollbacks, and more!

29 May 2021


Collcetors collect every 1 minute for lag purposes on both servers.

Spawners now add to /is top

30 May 2021



Void Chests:

These are like chunk hoppers, only that they offer SO much more! They offer so much diversity and functionalities that I have to type out a whole discord message for it! So here we go!

What are they?

Void chests are like chunk hoppers, the previous ones that we had only collected and had to be sold manually, the items could not be taken out and caused MAJOR lag! However this all changes with this new plugin! These chests can collect all the items that are thrown in a chest, and will auto sell the ones that can be sold, and will store what cant. The best part about this is, it also works like a collection system. Although it allows a feature to auto sell, it also allows you to store anything dropped in a chunk and it can be taken out any time. Even auto selling can be TURNED OFF! This means that it will act totally as a hopper connected to a chest, that is storing everything that falls in that chunk and can be taken out at any moment!

So they can be used for auto selling, as well as storage systems. This helps reduce MAJOR amounts of lag from the server, and from your PC Client side too! If you have major farms and you are tired of the lag by hoppers, you can just use these now in their place. If you want to collect crops from your auto farms, or just collect and sell them, you can use void chests to do so now! This doesn't end here tho!

What do they sell for?

Although at the basic level they sell stuff for the 1x market price in /shop, now why would anyone use these and not sellers that sell for 2x? Well, thats why we bring in a big feature! <3

We also have introduced booster tokens that will boost the auto sell amounts of the void chests for 1 hour!! Now 2 types of token exists for this, a 3x and a 5x token! This means that you can sell all your produce for 5x the money for an entire hour!!! Isn't that unreal? So how do you get these tokens? Turns out these tokens can be obtained from;

- x3 Tokens from Vote Crates.
- x5 Tokens from Perks & Premium Crates.
- From Monthly Crate
- Purchased individually from

To check stats simply do /voidchest stats to check the boost duration, money earnt and much more!

Where can I find these?

They are found in Vote Crates.

June Crates:

June Crates are out now for grabbing! Buy at


31 May 2021

New Crate!!


Mob Crate:

A mob crate has been added to both servers! These consist of some amazing rewards and an amazing mob looter + battle axe along with few other items found only in this crate! Adhere, down the line more items are going to be added to this crate!

How to get the keys?

The ONLY way you can get the key for this is by being the one that slays the boss in the arena! The arena boss gives huge sums of money when killed along with that very crate key!

NOTE: The key you get from this is VIRTUAL. It is not going to be a physical key! To check the virtual keys do /keys.


31 May 2021

KRONOS Weaponry!


Kronos Armor:

A totallllly OP range of weaponry is here!! Kronos Armor provides you 15 different tools and armors to select from! These have Level 20 Enchants (Example. Sharpness 20) on them! Totally giving you the edge over your competition! Sounds OP right? Well, it comes with equally hefty price as well!

How to use?

To use it, simply type /kronos. We understand the difference between economies of the two server and the menu has been priced accordingly.

Note: No item from Kronos or any future weaponry will ever be available to be bought with real life money on the RomanMC Store.


02 Jun 2021

New Spawner Plugin



Mobs are easily stacked now, and so are the spawners. This allows for less tiles in a chunk and a stack can be upto 300x meaning that they can really help with the server performance and can spawn just as much! The drops also multiply!


02 Jun 2021

Totems wont stack Epearls wont drop by evokers

02 Jun 2021

Spaawners can now be bought in bulk

04 Jun 2021



Our server is growing with at least 10 unique players joining us everyday! With this in mind, we had to appoint staff members so we can better moderate and communicate about new issues and updates with our community! So here are your new staff members for the month of June!

Admin -

Mod -


Welcome to the staff team!! Would love to see what you wonderful people will bring to our community <3

Note: I believe in my staff 100%, however if you guys feel any of the staff members are abusing their powers, with a screenshot direct msg me or you can report on the forums on our website with a registered account! Please remember staff members are also humans and can make mistakes, please do not report them for the most minor things!


05 Jun 2021

Spawner Upgrades


Added spawner upgrades for both servers that can be purchased by in game money! (Shift + Right click spawner to open the GUI)

What does this mean?

With each upgrade you can level up

1) Max Spawn Duration

2) Amount of Mobs spawned per Spawner

3) Radius away from a player to start working (considering chunk is loaded)

Note: Costs multiply with more spawners in the stack


05 Jun 2021

Slayers work on vindicators now

05 Jun 2021

Removed stack limit for mobs and items on both servers, they can stack for as much as they can. However, for example if there are 10k items stacked and you tried to pick it up, youll get the amount of empty space in your inventory from the stack.

05 Jun 2021


Merge radius is now 20


Spawners can stack upto 3000

merge radius for mobs is 20

05 Jun 2021

Personal pets are here, that you can ride, keep stuff in, catch em all!


What are they??

Pets are pets! But pets that follow you everywhere you go! You can upgrade their skill trees and they can give you beacon effects, extra inventory, you can fly while riding em and so much more!

How to get a pet?

You can get all the pets except a ghast, ender dragon and a wither. Ravagers can be claimed but they wldnt be able to fly. That being said, you can get pets by whacking mobs with lead, just left click hit mob with lead and they will turn into a pet (there is a 50% chance on each hit).

Max count?

Donors get more pets as a perk. As for non-donors it can be 3 max pets stored at a time!

How to choose a skill tree?

simply do /petchooseskilltree or /pcst or /petcst, choose a skill tree, then just whack mobs while your pet is near (/petcall to make your pet tp to your position, it auto teleports to you as well!)

Some Commands you might need to know:

- /petinfo > info about the pet, its hunger, health, what it eats
- /petname > rename your pet
- /petrelease > release a pet that you no longer want
- /petcall > teleport the pet to you (although it auto teleports)
- /psetsendaway > set a pet away from you
- /petrespawn > respawn a pet for some money
- /petswitch > switch between pets
- /petstore > store your pet
- /pettrade > trade pets with another dude
- /pcst > choose pets skill tree
- /petoptions > some options regarding the pet owo
Skill commands:
- /petinventory > shows pets inventory food can be in it so it can feed off of it
- /petpickup > toggles pet picking up items
- /petbehavior
- /petbeacon > acts as a beacon


08 Jun 2021

added 8 Minions Limit token in Premium Crate. Useful for ranks below VIPMega! ^_^

08 Jun 2021



1) Arena Building

As Zeus Kit is on its way, we would love a new arena where people can test their new gear out! So we want a new Mob Arena! The theme for this arena should be a Nether Lava Lake.

Things to keep in mind:

- Arena should be at least 5x5 Chunks
- There should be a lobby area
- A spectators booth would increase the chances of winning
- The arena should be enclosed with a roof, so mobs cannot or players cannot escape.
- The arena should be specific to the theme

Winner Rewards:
First Place - Arena will be selected and used for the next Mob Dungeon + 5 Kronos Gear of Selection + 2 Zeus Gear of Selection +30$ Store Credit
Second Place - 2 Kronos Gear of Selection + 1 Zeus Gear of Selection + 20$ Store Credit
Third Place - 1 Kronos Battleaxe + 1 Kronos Pickaxe + 15$ Store Credit

Winners will be featured on the website as well! Judge - @Meg , event ends on 25th June! Good lucky! ^_^


08 Jun 2021

Entities stack limit set to 30 Mil per stack

08 Jun 2021

Gold Nugget added to shop. Sells for 3.1$ per

12 Jun 2021

New Spawner Shop Added!!


Spawners Shop:

A plugin coded by the great daddy deedz owo, this plugin brings you a spawner shop in which some spawners are free, while some spawners an be unlocked using in game money. As you buy more spawners, the spawner prices go up and will cap at a particular price. They will start of at a pretty cheap price and will go up as you buy more!

This ensures that the newcomers can easily start their journey with spawners, and as they get richer, they can buy spawners and prices go up from there! This is a new plugin coded by me so please feel free to report any bugs you find to the staff! Please do not exploit them as it is punishable! Hope this solves a lot of issues!


18 Jun 2021

Server is back up + Important Updates


Server is back up! Finally we have moved to a dedicated, and everything seems to be working normally again. All progress should be saved as well! Survival has been assigned 14 gigs of ram (previous ram was 4). It is also on an SSD Nvme now which is 60% faster than the previous HDD. Everything is much faster and more ram. It is also easier for me to manage everything. Now for some updates;

New Mob arena

: A new mob arena is in progress, that will be much better an wouldn't depend on an a boss system. So people will get much better drops, and wldnt have to wait out a boss. Current one is objected to duping bugs. So I will coding it and will be released soon <3

Vote Party Incoming:

A new vote party system will be introduced that will be giving rewards everytime server is voted for x times of interval.

Crypto System:

Does it need explanation? Welp, a crypto system will be introduced in game which will help the players drive the eco much better!

Survival Games:

Survival Games is gonna be reworked and recoded by me. It works on a world architecture, which is bad practice and will be reworked by me to a server architecture.

These are the updates and many more are to come. We are gonna be rolling updates for you all everyday <3, and also ill be coding new minigames as well, and when we hit a good playerbase we will be bringing in factions! <3


19 Jun 2021

1.7 - 1.17 Support Added!

20 Jun 2021

added observers to /shop - Skyblock

22 Jun 2021

Added an extra zero to Kronos kit to match the economy on Survival and Skyblock!

23 Jun 2021

As most of you know im coding a new dungeons plugin, so a heads up about it;


The current mob arena was not what i wanted it to be, it was the best plugin i could find online but still didn't cut it. So I am coding a new plugin by myself that will have the following features:

- There will be no start or finish, waves will spawn continuously. This will allow players to join and not wait for the arena to be finished.

- No bosses, just stronger waves.

- Each mob will have a chance to reward something. No waiting for a boss to spawn and to kill it to get a reward, and which only one player can get at a time.

- No duping possible. Previous mob arena had many duping bugs due to its inventory copy practices. Will be fixed in my new plugin as no duplication would take place.

- Mobs will have special abilities.

This plugin should be done in the next 7 days, and will be released along the Zeus kit. The arena however will have a chance to reward items that will be strongest in the game. Also the way ill code this plugin will be in such an architecture that new arenas can be added easily unlike the current one. It will really be an unique plugin and hope you all look forward to it! ^_^