Illusion WoW 255

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Version 3.3.5 3.3.5a Wrath of The Lich King
Type PlayerBots BattleBots Max Level 255 Instant 255 Funserver Fun Realm custom
Location Bulgaria
Last Update19 Feb 2024
Join Date18 Jan 2024


Illusion WoW Server

Fun server 1-255lvl


Beta version start February 20th

The official opening will be on

March 1, 2024


Server information:


*Custom Start Zones Alliance & Horde

*Custom Illusion Mall

*Custom Transmog Mall

*Custom Bot Mall

*Custom VIP Mall

*Custom Donor Mall

*Custom Quest Zone

*Custom Fun Zone

*Custom Casino Zone 20%Chanse

*Custom Dungeons & Raids

*Custom Farm Zones

*Custom World Bosses

*Custom Event Zones

*Custom War Zone

-Custom Weapons, Items and off sets

-Custom Bot Weapons, Items and off sets

-Arena 1v1

-AoE Looting

(AoE Looting is disabled when in party!)

-PvP Rank & Title System 


-Solo LFG


-Skip DK

-Custom Player Bots

-Crossfaction Battlegrounds

-Custom Speed Attack

-Custom Speed Game

-Auction House Bot

-Start Gear Weapons & Items

-Bot Gear Weapon & Items

-Racial Trail Swap




-Over 5000 Items for Transmog


-Top PvP Players

-Change Rates XP

-Loot Informacion Npc

-Vote Rewards

-Donation Rewards

-Custom Security system

-Custom Anti Multiboxing system

-Custom Anti Cheat System

-Double XP Every Weekend

-All Profession

-Play Time Reward

(You get a reward for every one hour of played time.)

-Global Trainer

-Custom World Chat

-Custom VIP Chat

-Custom Game Commands

-Custom VIP Commands

And more...