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Version 3.3.5a
Type Medium Rates Voting Rewards Shop Progressive Professional Staff Arenas Battlegrounds Blizzlike Raids Dungeons
United Kingdom
Last Update18 Mar 2023
Join Date11 Feb 2023


[3.3.5] [Fresh WOTLK Server with growing population every day] [Blizzlike with x2 XP, x1.5 Reputation and Increased Drop Rates] [13 Years of experience and revival of old server] [Realms First up for grabs]


Is the server up now?
Yes! set realmlist

Where do I register?
The Website to the Server is:

Is there a client I can download instead?
Yes there is an available client for users to download on the website!

What Version is the Server?

What are the realm rates?
1.5x XP, 2x Rep, 2x Professions

What are the drop rates like?
Currently as we are levelling drop rates are high for quest items and BoE but this is subject to change.

What are the Gold Rates?
You earn x2 the Gold!

Is there cross faction?
There is no cross-faction grouping, but communication in world chat is possible.