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Version 7.3.5
Type Blizzlike
Location Germany
Last Update16 Nov 2021
Join Date16 Nov 2021


This is going to be a short post with a little information about the project. As we go along and progress, we will be releasing more and more information regarding development, etc.

This will be a high-level view of the project, some ambitions, and some convictions.

After much talk and some announcement; it’s true. We're going full blown opensource; but we have ambitions as well to become truly community sourced. This is a new idea and one that to be completely honest, is too early to discuss ... but ... here goes.

Community sourced, is simply this; you decide. When it comes to if merge/pull requests get added to the public core; the community should decide. Project maintainers should only really be checking if the patch negatively impacts performance. To do anything more implies that we are smarter than ALL OF YOU. (Which is not the case)



The core team should be and remain small; there just is no need for more in an opensource, community driven project. Obviously, as the project matures, we hope to have the need for more "community" type positions and will need some volunteers to serve as Gamemasters and such eventually to assist players during game play.

• Community Managers - discord / forums (eventually)

• Game Masters - post beta


There is no need for developers as everyone can submit a fix for peer review and approval; we're all developers now.



One of our admins started this nonsense many moons ago, back when it was predominately open source and there were a good couple dozen of well-handled servers. Fast forward to today, closed sourced, pay to win, and every server seems to have the same unfixed issues. The ones that have fixes, get "leaked" or fade away into oblivion along with all their hard work.



• To provide an enjoyable and playable blizzlike experience for everyone.

• To provide for community driven improvements to the "community source"

• To collaborate with similar projects regardless of software/expansions



• We are using a TrinityCore (8725eec). We understand that confuses some of you.

o We will NOT be using UWOW; it was not developed as opensource and it was leaked (read stolen); simply put, we have ethics.

• We will establish processes and criteria, if these are not met, then a merge/pull request will sit unmerged until it meets criteria.

o You are welcome to fork and use any merge/pull requests on your own, that is the glory of opensource

• No one considered "staff" is above the community. The community sets the standards, "staff" provide oversight and enforcement of standards (when necessary).

o normal exceptions apply (you aren't getting passwords/access ) kinda common sense xD

Below are the links to our Discord server and public repository. To reach out or to just have a chat, feel free to hop onto Discord and hit us up.

If you're part of a project that would like to collaborate and join in the opensource "fun", reach out to one of our Admins on Discord.

Celestial-wow Staff


Public repo: https://gitlab.com/celestial-wow/public_tc_legion