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Welcome to Equine City

Welcome to Equine City: where city life meets equestrianism. Equine City is a 1.14.2 Java Minecraft server owned by deardiary and Hannnahh. Here at EQC(ity), we strive to create a unique gameplay experience and positive environment where players are able to help shape the community.

You have lived in the great big city your whole life! It was only until recently that horses have been seen trotting around town. Horses are the new "in" and ranches have been popping up all around the city outskirts! You have been looking for something new for a while now; why not indulge in horse ownership? Now's your chance, here at Equine City!
1.14.2 Minecraft Java

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What is the server IP for Equine city mc?

The IP address of Equine city mc Minecraft server is

How to join Equine city mc server?

Open the game Minecraft, click "Play" button then choose "Multiplayer" option from the menu. Click "Add Server" tab and input the text on "Server Address" then hit "Done". Once the connection is available and turns green you may click on "Join Server" button to play on Equine city mc.

What version does Equine city mc use?

Equine city mc server supports Minecraft game version: 1.14.2, you may also use any other older or lower versions to connect and play.

Where is Equine city mc located?

The Equine city mc server is currently hosted in Germany.