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Purple Prison

Purple Prison offers tons of fun games including... Minecraft Factions Server ($1,000 USD IN PAYOUTS)

Our intense Factions server will have you on the edge of your seat battling it out with your friends and enemies! Team up with group, or go rogue and try to overthrow the champions. The bigger your faction, the more land you own. Build your empire and conquer the world. Minecraft Prison Server ($200 USD IN PAYOUTS)

Join in on the fun of our Prison game! Start with nothing but a pick and build your way up to diamond gear to face off in fierce PvP battles against the other inmates. Become the most powerful to earn the honor and glory of the server.

How long can you last? Minecraft Skyblock Server ($1,000 USD IN PAYOUTS) You begin with only a few materials and a small plot of land... in the sky! You and your team must make use of your limited resources to survive for as long as possible on your own floating island. You'll need to gather food, build shelter, and forge weapons to fend off the monsters of the night.

Minecraft KitPVP Server Choose your fighting style in the of our custom-created battle kits! Unlock upgrades as you progress in your play to become even more powerful. Whether you're a fighter, archer, or mage, we have kits available to suit every combat style.

FREE RANKS By simply logging into the server you can claim your freerank! This is a LIMITED time offer so be sure to join now! With all of these options you'll never run out of fun things to do on our server, and we're always looking to improve and expand. IP: purple.wtf

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