Arius online

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Discord Discord
Type Cap 110 pvp D11 Free Silk Coins System Auto Events
Last Update02 Sep 2020
Join Date02 Sep 2020

Server Info

hello beat's Arius Online about informantion server is
Pvp Server
Cap 110 dg 11 europen chinese
Main town Jangan
Fortress war Hotan Working %100
All bug's server is offline
Premium %15 for 1 gold in npc
Premium VIp %30 for 2k Arius Coin's & 2k Arena coin's
Gold Honor buff in npc for 650 Arius silk & 650 arena coin's
Arius Blue devill's in npc for 1k Arius Silk & 1k Arena coin's
Godblessing in npc for 250 Arius coin's & 250 arena coin's
Damage %30 in npc for 600 arena coin's
Zerk S in npc for 1b & 500 Arius silk & 500 Arena coin's
Legend honor buff in npc for 1k iron & 1k Arius Silk
Any Model's new in npc for 2500 Arius silk & 2500 Arena coin's Any dress new in npc for Coin's
Any Pet's new in npc for Coin's
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