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Type Fun Public Ssc Survival Tshock
United States
Last Update28 Jul 2017
Join Date29 Jun 2017

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IMPORTANT: GO TO UPDATES BEFORE READING THIS. NOTICE: I need a Developer pleaseeeeee! Follow my twitter @UniCopOfficial and my youtube channels: HacksAndGlitchesHD and SicKness Ssonic Notice: The server is usually down from around 12:00-2:00AM PCT to around 6:00-8:00AM PCT :V

Change Logs
29 Jun 2017

We are looking for good builders. Want admin.. then work your way up :)

Stay tuned for more info on our server!

30 Jun 2017

ATTENTION: If you would like to join my server and help it would really be great i need builder(s) and a developer on the server the developer must have skype or discord or even twitter... The builder will just have to have skill. The developer will be sent a file that contains my my whole server. (Its a copy) The dev will have to do what ever else I later on and including this... at this moment i will need help with the ranks and prefixes as well as permissions. If you become dev you can go to the official tshock site and go to resources and lcik on the plugins to get there info... make sure to look at every plugin.

The builder will have to create a spawn the must be detailed and (IT CANT BE A BOX). Now.. I really am looking forward to meeting some helpful people instead of griefers... Thx :) 

Plz vote for my server my goal is in Top 5 terraria server list!

01 Jul 2017

I recently lost about 2 votes and the hasnt been up... The server will be up in a little bit!

Remember I have two servers one is minecraft based and this one (terraria) so I am working as hard as i can for the servers but I need some help!