Aion Destiny 2.1


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Version 2.0
Type Low Rate Classic Oldschool PVP PvE
Last Update10 Mar 2019
Join Date30 Oct 2018

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Hi there! Aion Destiny is a nostalgic retail alike private server opened in September 2018. Our mission is to bring you back that old-school Aion we all loved. We started with the version 1.9, and updated to 2.1 in December 2018. Here are our key features:

- Fast responding English speaking support;

- A large and friendly community of English speakers from all around the world;

- Active English speaking legions on both Elyos and Asmo side;

- The population at the peak hours reaches 900-1200 concurrent players;

- Responsible admins passionate about classic Aion;

- Daily PvP events;

- Weekly updates;

- Quick bugfixes;

- Cosmetic cash shop;

- In time will be upgraded to 2.5 and 2.7;


This is what our players say about us on Reddit:
"I decided to make this post after playing on the server for a while and i must say i'm impressed. While not being without it flaws this is probably the best Aion Classic experience you can have ATM."


"The population is indeed pretty good for a private server, even if the majority is RUS :). Bugs are few are far between."


"Hey, I just found this server yesterday and I am playing on it since. Is working really well and I am having a great time playing this classic Aion just like I used to play in 2011...I really appreciate your work with this. Is really well done. Congrats!"


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