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EcoCityCraft - #1 Minecraft Economy Server
2 Huge 30,000x30,000 Main Server Maps. Rising & Legacy.
Economy Forum Bank Link, Networked Economy, Economy Survival, Economy Skyblock, Economy Gamemodes & much more!

Looking for a true hardcore economy server like none other, a server that has mastered economic inflation and takes its economy to never before seen realities; ensuring it stays as stable as possible. One where no user, no matter the rank, has the ability to spawn items and affect the economy drastically; not even the highest level supporters and staff members. A server where literally every single block, building & creation is either mined and adventured for, or earned with our in game economy through our in-game stores/user market place. A place where the only “item-spawned” buildings are in its spawn, and absolutely nowhere else. An environment created by the community for the community? Look no further! EcoCityCraft is as community oriented and 100% economy based as you can possibly find. Includes an economy forum bank link, networked economy, economy survival, economy skyblock, economy gamemodes & much more!

Of course there are other servers with a simple in-game economy, but they are nowhere near as perfected, balanced, and seriously in depth about stability of the economical market place as ours! We can absolutely say that we have mastered economic perfection, keeping an incredibly steady amount of currency in game at all times - this came with over 7+ years of mastering and tuning. With tons of in-game purchases available such as features, upgrades, towns, nations, ranks, multi-world travel access, and much more! Join us now and experience what a true economy server is really like! 30,000 registered members and growing!

WARNING! This server is not for the easy come and go gamers looking to earn everything within a few hours and move on to the next server. To be truly successful in our intense economy, you must work hard, interact with our wonderful community & players, participate in trades & jobs, and dedicate yourself to be the best! Good luck! We hope to see you at the very top one day; spend your EcoDollars wisely!

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