Raiden - RS

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Discord Discord
Version 718
Type Friendly Community Double XP Weekends Beta Updates Adjustable Rates
Location United States
Last Update13 Jul 2023
Join Date10 Jul 2023


Raiden-RS is a newer 718 Private Server produced by Raiden-Servers Community.

Raiden-RS Is currently in ALPHA/BETA and being developed over time with the task to add most of the world and Functions within the world with our own twist on specific things! Feel free to join us and join the Discord for updates and communication with the community!

Game-Client can be found in our Discord under "Server Information".

**Raiden Servers Discord is a Multi-Game Discord for any of Raiden-Servers game Servers.

Rates:  Select difficulty of 2x - 15x  (Double XP Weekends)
Prestige: Prestige to unlock Curses and other benefits
Pets: Summoning and Follower Pets 
Currency: Skilling, PvP, Conquest, Prestigue, Loyalty, Override Currency Systems
Donator: Donator benefits

Over-rides: Obtain multiple Overrides for your account!
Squeel-Of-Fortune: 2 Daily Tickets
Achievments: Multiple Achievements to complete for Comp. Cape
Boss's: Boss mechanics and other Mobs that obtain mechanics

Dual Weild: Dual Weild available for Melee and Range.
Damage Soak: Always soaks % of damage taken.

Feel free to join us as we improve the world over time!