Lunasty 317

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Version 317
Type Active community Constant Developing Friendly Community Daily Rewards
Location United States
Last Update28 Apr 2023
Join Date28 Apr 2023


Lunasty 317/OSRS/Semi-Custom Lunasty is a brand-new server welcoming all types of play styles! We have a multitude of content available for every player to enjoy, from normal accounts to Group ironmen to rogue accounts with harder xp rate and an increased drop rate! We strive on community feedback and push quality updates frequently!. Are you a collector? there is a huge amount of collection logs to fulfill, while getting rewarded for every finished log! Join the discord for events, suggestions, guides or just to chat! we also have giveaways located in the discord! Thanks for choosing Lunasty and we'll see you in game!

Content & Features

Raids 1 & 2 (Cox & ToB)

World bosses

Shooting Stars & Crystal Tree events

Automated gambling

Automated tournaments

Last man standing

Wilderness hotspots & events

Group Ironman Achievement Diaries

Mini-quests Achievements

Upgrade Table

FOE Pet's and Perks

Slayer Pets

Advanced player perk system

Prestige with rewards & perks

Crystalline Slayer


Wilderness Slayer

Grotesque Gaurdians

Pest Control,

Duel Arena,

Mage Arena

Mini-games and so much more!