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IP-адрес сервера
Discord Discord
Статус Unknown
Последний PingMonitoring disabled
Версия 1.19.2 Latest
Тип Adventure Active AutoRank hybrid betterMC Economy Modpack Modded Roleplay
Расположение United Kingdom
Последнее обновление06 Feb 2023
Дата регистрации04 Dec 2022


#What's the IP for Moog?
The server IP address for Moog is 

How do I play on the Moog Minecraft server?
Head to curseforge and install better MC [FORGE] 1.19.2:

Install the latest version. We recommend you use the launcher.
Launch your game and click 'multiplayer' in the main menu.
Click "Add Server" tab and input the text on the "Server Address" box, then hit "Done".
Once the connection is available and turns green, you may click on "Join Server" button!

What version is it?
Moog is currently on 1.19.2 using the Better MC modpack 1.19.2 (latest version)

Where is Moog minecraft server hosting located?
The Moog server is located in the UK, but connections are fast all over the world!

What can I play on Moog?
You can play however you like! we supply a modded world for you to explore and play in.
You can create factions and teams, or play on your own. You can build mega bases or simply explore!
The server includes an economy you can trade with other players on, or rent a shop at spawn to customize!

You can also claim chunks to protect and forceload your builds.