PW: Retro MS

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Discord Discord
Version 1.4.1
Type Max Lvl 105 PVP
Location France
Last Update24 Feb 2024
Join Date24 Feb 2024


[1.4.1] 3 race and 6 classes + Elf/Genie + lv79, 100 skills. European server,with UNIQUE WebShop [multiple gear, items, etc for new currency and for inventory coin] Discord events with UNIQUE.

You choose your play style:

- old nostalgic mode: 1x rate as on the official

-  grinder mode: fast leveling with exp gear from the webshop

- quester: do heroism/oracles scrolls, stone quests, bounty hunters, PW History, Wushu etc for leveling

  - Most balanced PvP version