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Type Multiplayer Survival PvE PvP Towny Balanced Economy Jobs Quests Fishing Competition
Location Singapore
Last Update02 Nov 2023
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We recently launched a Minecraft server hosted in Singapore, and we're
looking for some mature players (+18) to join us! While most of our
players are from the Philippines, we welcome players from all over the
world. The best part is that the server is cross-platform, so bedrock
players can join too!

Our server revolves around the Towny plugin, which allows players to create and
manage their own towns. It's optional, but highly recommended for those
who want a challenge in managing their own town's economy and land
claims. We take griefing very seriously, so even if you don't have a
town and someone griefs your base, just contact the staff and they'll
handle it.

We have several ways for players to earn money on the server, including completing quests,
selling items in the shop, participating in fishing competitions,
killing rare mobs, and even participating in chat games! We also offer
premium ranks that provide some quality of life commands, like
backpacks, additional homes, and jobs that you can join.

Lastly, we have player tags which can be customized to your liking and used in
your chat. These tags can be acquired by purchasing them with in-game
currency, earning them by participating in events, or completing a
discovery set in our rare mobs to earn a special tag.

Supported version Java and Bedrock Edition 1.20.2
If you are interested here's the ip address and discord server:

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