Arc Of Survival SMP

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Status Online
Last Ping26 minutes 21 seconds ago
Version 1.19.2 to 1.8 1.8.9 1.9 1.10 1.19.2
Type Multiplayer Survival PvP Survival Peaceful 4Fun Action Commands Cracked Chat Achievements Chill
Location United Kingdom
Last Update28 Oct 2022
Join Date17 Oct 2022


Timezone: Britian! Information about it: Name: Randoms IP: Version: 1.19.2 Kill... Or BE KILLED!!! This is also fabric! You can talk on vc and stuff on the discord, here is the discord link btw: dm if someone abusing: here is my username on discord: Kieran3000 =)#5659 We do 3 warnings here, anymore your banned.

Rules: griefing/stealing from others (exept for war!) pinging mods unless important (we got lifes)
3.have fun (dm me if someone is abusing need proof) can apply for mod on moderator-application have 3 warnings here anymore and its a ban! hacking (includes xray) and any hacks swearing or being rude to others
8.dont prevoke passive's untill they attack you
9. you can vote for the server on vote-for-the-server
10. no abusing in moderator stuff like moderator-chat - private chat for moderator
11. No Lag Machines or Exploits or Dupes
12. No Illegal Items (channel is illegal-items ) p.s. you can break this rule just you will be hunted down by everyone (if you dont hunt them down it will be 2 warnings)
14. Both end and nether will be banned
15. if you go in end or nether untill i say so or I give permission to enter you will be warned 2-3 times if entered. (nether only once)
16. kill only if you got a reason to
17. wars are allowed (this is a test season) (not really a rule)
18. some passives do both pvp and non pvp so be carfull near them (not really a rule)

Online Players - Last 24 hours

To make random streams every now and then about the server.

To make videos on the server!

The requirements are in the application.

Just to be able to advertise on stuff like reddit.