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Server IP
Status Offline
Last PingServer cannot be queried.
Version 1.18.2
Type Multiplayer Survival Casual SMP 247
Last Update05 May 2022
Join Date05 May 2022


Welcome to Serenity SMP.
Serenity was created on April 26th, 2022!

Join our discord server to apply!

We are currently 100% vanilla running the latest version of Minecraft (1.18.2)

The staff team only consists of a few dedicated people committed to making your experience on Serenity the best it can be without abuse or distraction. Our aim is to provide you, the player, with a community that will continue to inspire others on the server, and has the willingness to help others with big builds and resource gathering if they need it!

Some features:

    • Whitelisted (Open For Applications) community
    • Non-pay-to-win server
    • Player and Staff Events.
    • EVERYTHING Survival built
    • No spawned in items
    • 24/7 uptime
    • Normal Difficulty
    • Daily restarts for guaranteed stability

Server rules (warning or ban depending on severity)


    • NO hacked clients of any kind
    • NO dupes that give items
    • NO exploits
    • NO spamming, advertising, disruptive or harassing behavior both in discord and server
    • NO griefing
    • NO PVP (unless agreed upon)

To make the server 100% fair both players and staff have the same ability with staff not being able to go into creative or spawn in items. The staff has the ability to go into spectator if they suspect something wrong is happening.

Why not come join the fun!
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