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Website Website
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Status Online
Last Ping10 minutes 8 seconds ago
Version Latest
Type Faction Wars ChestShop Custom Ranks dailey rewards Minigames
Last Update10 Mar 2022
Join Date10 Mar 2022


hi there!


Join my new server, just opend in 1-3. Goal in the server is Factions! go to the website and Vote! Do you have 5 vote's you get awesome stuff!

1e vote: 100 money.

2e vote: 100 money.

3e vote: 100 money and set of Iron tools.

4e vote: 100 money

5e vote: 100 money and diamond sword. set of iron armor.


- Saberfaction (overclaim your faction with power!)

- Saberclaim (if your not in a faction)

- Random teleport ( teleport in the wild in the beginning wil be hart te survival )

- Admin shop ( for more power in your faction you can buy XP potion's. for XP potions you will need money )

- Ranks ( ranks help you for better and stronger in de server and for your faction. )

- Dailey rewards ( anly ranks have dailey reward)

- minigames ( minigames is comming soon! )


In the website you can buy stuff for very cheap! For ranks you can pay mothly or if your need extra money you can buy 0.85 cent for 500 in game money!

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