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Status Online
Last Ping10 minutes 3 seconds ago
Version 1.20.1
Type Semi Vanilla Land Claim Player Shops Creative Events Keepinventory
Location United Kingdom
Last Update13 Jul 2023
Join Date08 Dec 2021



ImagineCraft is a semi vanilla survival server with vote ranks (each rank provides more perks), monthly custom rares, friendly staff and a welcoming community !

In the Survival world we have:

- Keep Inventory on

- 1 player sleep to help pass the night time

- A claim system to help protect your items & builds

- Custom player shops

- The End resets every 3 months

- and much much more

We also have a Creative and Events server, which host everything that you could need. The world border currently sits at 80,000 blocks wide so plenty of unexplored territory. SO with that, come join us, right click the fox or /rtp on arrival and enjoy yourselves ! Come and join us and our growing community on - and see for yourself ..

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