Skeyecraft Survival

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Server IP
Status Unknown
Last PingMonitoring disabled
Version 1.17 1.17.1
Type SMP Small Friendly No Grief No Griefing No Lag Semi Vanilla Wild Wilderness Multiplayer Survival
United Kingdom
Last Update24 Oct 2021
Join Date24 Oct 2021


Skeyecraft / SMP / Friendly & small / No grief / 1.17.1

Skeyecraft is a Minecraft 1.17 SMP.
Please familiarize yourself with these global rules.

1. Respect other players and their land.

2. No spamming or advertising.

3. No hacking or cheating.

4. No griefing or stealing. We can tell who did what.

5. No NSFW or related content.

6. No political debates.

7. No unsolicited direct messages which breach the other rules.

8. No abusive behaviour; no racism or hate speech.

9. Staff decisions are final.

10. Speak English only.

These rules apply to both Minecraft and Discord. By being a member of this server, you agree to follow the rules listed above.
Rules for the world:
* Avoid building within a few hundred blocks (about 500) from spawn unless you're building for spawn. This is where the main area will be built.
* The world border currently stands at 15,200. The world will be expanded when 1.18 is released, and eventually 1.19 too.

Unique features

/homes. /home [set|tp|delete] (homename) - Each player has a maximum of 10 homes.
/warps - Warps can be purchased by putting valuable items into public chests at spawn.

/pvp toggleactionbar - Hide or show the actionbar that tells you if you have PVP enabled.
/pvp - Toggle your own PVP status. You are invincible by default
,/rtp, /wild - Randomly teleport.