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Status Online
Last Ping8 minutes 34 seconds ago
Version 1.16.5
Type Towny Pve Survival Survival Guilds Plotworld
United Kingdom
Last Update23 Mar 2021
Join Date23 Mar 2021


• Anti-PvP outside of arenas (there are PvP arenas, should you wish)

• Anti-Griefing / stealing (No stealing from players who died, griefing their builds, stealing from unclaimed land)

• Pro grind-reduction (we aim to be a hybrid between Creative mode and
Survival; we make it easier to obtain resources, inventory shortcuts
such as /craft, /enderchest, so you can play the game and build more
easily. Anything that lessens the grind, we're all about)

• Pro-Collaboration (think socialism; everyone helps everyone - Whether it's resources or assistance)

• Anti-Competition (We've disabled many "/top" commands to reduce unhealthy competition).
Whilst some competition can be healthy and fun, we don't want it to be toxic, so competition sources are usually reserved for mini-games, or other events outside the core survival game.

• Pro "quality of life mods" such as ItemScroller, LiteMatica, Worldedit, Creative Mode (Creative World / Plot Squared)

• We just want to have fun, build and have a laugh.

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