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Status Online
Last Ping27 minutes 47 seconds ago
Version 1.16.5
Type Vanilla Meta RPG Lore Adventure Economy PVP Land Claim ChestShop
Last Update07 Sep 2021
Join Date22 Feb 2021


LoreCraft is a Pure Vanilla META RPG Very Hard Survival Server. The main priority of this server is to promote respect among its playerbase. 


PVP is enabled on all parts of the world except in Lore City, crimes can happen anywhere. If you were victimized during a crime, you can fight back or report them @Temporal Guardian for proper investigation. Betrayal, scam, harassment, and destruction is all part of the game. But players must respect the decision of others.


If you are judged wrongly, that is part of the server. People makes mistakes. It's a game, get OVER it.


Claiming is only limited to the @Lord and Lady. They can adopt people to their towns or drive them away. They are the people required during the ice cream day( see #calendar ) to talk about the status of the server and its population.


In LoreCraft, every aspect of the world can be influenced by anyone. Anyone can be anything from choosing to wage war on the capital of Lore City, or you can open a trade route to keep the economy in place.

Age is an aspect of the server, where crafting is limited only to the age the server is currently in. For example the "Iron Age" where only Iron can be crafted as tools. Check #age-of-lores for more information. The age was created to give values on blocks that are sometimes devalued in minecraft.


Animals don't magically spawn, there are only finite amounts of creatures in the world(except hostile mobs). These animals are possible to get extinct, for they do not respawn back.


Crop Growth are slowed in the game, this gives value to all those players who wishes to be one.

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