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Type AntiGrief Buycraft Custom Items Discord Economy Survival Semi Vanilla Player Shops
Last Update11 Jan 2021
Join Date26 Apr 2020


Creators and Chill is a System Safe Server!
We are a semi-vanilla survival economy server, with a twist~

In the Creators and Chill server, wealth is obtained through a multitude of physical currencies which can be interchanged for set rates or turned into emeralds for use in your own villager hubs, creating a seamless extension of the Survival gameplay. There are dozens of admin shops, access to player shops, a community marketplace and three Kingdoms with unique lore and vendors. Claim land with /kit claim and gain more land the longer you play. We have a dedicated discord and online store to get you engaged with the community and making you feel right at home. Features like /sethome are replaced with items when possible, such as the Homestar: a tool you can purchase which will teleport you to your re-spawn location.

With expansive RPG Quests, hermit vendors hidden across the world, seasonal events, access to warps, a unique economy and over 9 new armor and tool sets, theres always something new to grind or explore!

Creators and Chill runs 1.16.4 and will strive to update to the latest version when possible.

Plugins installed on server: AntiCreeper, EssentialsX, HomeStar, LuckPerms, MythicMobs, MultiverseCore, SavageDeathChest, Shopkeepers, WorldEdit, WorldGuard, among others

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