Alligator Craft

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Server IP
Last PingStatus update in a few minutes
Version 1.16.5
Type Survial Semi Vanilla Friendly Small Community
Last Update14 May 2021
Join Date24 Jun 2019


Name: Alligator Craft
Version: 1.16.5

Alligator Craft  aims to give you something much different than any other networks:
For example a place to enjoy and spend time with your friends or a  place to clear your mind.
Our community is ready to welcome you into our family and we will be happy about it !

Some of our features on the server!

Luckily, we have two ways of getting a rank! You can either 
get yourself a rank by your playtime or by donating. Each rank 
has special perks, you'll get awesome in-game rewards 
and perhaps, a little bit of back pain!

Mobcoins & Tokens
Passive Rewards! Yup, get Mobcoins & Tokens as passive 
rewards by just mining or grinding for XP. Two separate 
shops are offering you a variety of items to buy.

Auction House
In need of money or items? -Players got you covered! Sell or buy 
valuable items from the Auction House. Get that stuff and reach 
the top Balance players!

Friendly Staff
Need help, support or have a problem? Our Friendly Staff Team 
is here to give everything in advance. Having a friendly and chill 
community is everything we aim for here, so why don't you join us?