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Version 1.18.x
Type Faction Survival Eggwars War Survival City Minigame Custom MiniGames PvE custom pvp
Location Hong Kong
Last Update10 Apr 2022
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[​Java / Bedrock Edition]
*Java Edition is preferred.

Hello. Welcome to Supersoul.

Supersoul is a small community of Minecraft players who dream big. Here we have different original projects that aim to provide a next-level experience to all Minecrafters.

Make new friends from all over the world!

Unbound by Distance: You can play in Supersoul wherever you are!

Chat with International Friends: Use the in-game translator to chat with others!

Friendly Community: Join us and have fun together!

Let's Imagine A Survival World Together!

Custom Plugins: We are able to create tailor-made survival experiences for everyone.

Free To Play but not Pay to Win: Our servers are free and public, all players will be treated equal, no one will be able to gain advantage with real world money.

Innovative: We don't copy paste gameplay from other servers, we strive to create new and innovative experiences in Minecraft!

Supersoul SMP features a no-grief survival experience with:

  • Dungeons
  • Faction war
  • Magic
  • Minigames
  • Shops with fluctuating prices
  • Custom armor/weapons
  • Spawner mining/crafting

(We also have these features planned in the future: Story quests, magic items, explorable custom worlds and more!)

Check out our other servers as well!

Project: A creative world where you can build anything you can imagine and show it off to the community. Includes WorldEdit.

Arcade Events: Every week we open up a player-chosen mini-game for a set time for everyone enjoy an exciting and competitive arcade game. Come join us.

We are always listening to feedback from the community, tell us what you would like to see, and we might just make that happen!

Join us!

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Supersoul - The Dream Chasers