Metin2 Osiris Reborn

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Type Farming
Location Romania
Last Update07 Sep 2021
Join Date07 Sep 2021


Metin2 Osiris Reborn is a PVM-PVP FUN server arranged on two channels with 1000% rates.

It comes with a system of 5 active reborns at level 200,each giving you a bonus , but getting back to level 75.

The maximum level is 250 and can be reached with or without reborns with the help of devil's askies and disciple daggers at the Guard of the Messenger of the Gods. The biologist is active, structured on 7 levels that each offer you a bonus.

To reduce the waiting time of the mission you can use the Time Elixir

Bonuses and Values: Magic-Resistance: 20%

1.                Resistant: 15%

2.                -Defenses-INT/STR/DEX/VIT

3.                Semi-man/Critique/Penetration 20%

4.                Hi HP: 5000


The switchbot is activated from the K key and has 7 slots for items.

On the server you can activate the title system on the F6 key by choosing your favorite title depending on the minutes played.

The degrees were changed from Angel (Chivalric) to Satan (Cruel)

It organizes events approximately daily such as: PVM, OX, HIDE, TANAKA etc.

On the teelportation ring located in the inventory you will find the bonus statistics, teleportation ring, systems with puncta, deposit, item-shop and inventory deletion system.

For the farm you can evolve the level 1 accessories received at the beginning, the level 61 armor and the poisoned sword, these becoming pvm items.

PVM maps are found either at NPCs that require an entry ticket or on the teleportation ring.

There are 25 evolutions of weapons and armor.

When you enter the server, in log quest you will find a quest called "Choose the item" which is valid until level 30, where you can choose an item with 60 pgm for farmat.

We are waiting for you next to our Staff

[OWN] Ra

[ADM] Lens

[ADM] Cyb