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Version v83
Type Nostalgic Low Rate NoPay2Win
Location United States
Last Update26 Oct 2021
Join Date26 Oct 2021


General Information:
- We use MapleStory v83 with some new maps and npc so we recommend you to use our files to avoid mistakes
- Rates are Progressive: (Cash Shop Cards works) This means that every 20 levels your rate will increase
- Quest rates 3x (event)
- Can vote for NX or Just Train and farm NX
- Items can Level-UP 7 times and boost the stats


  • HPQ/KPQ/LPQ/LMPQ/OPQ/EllinPQ/PiratePQ/MagatiaPQ/HorntailPQ.
  • AmoriaPQ/TreasurePQ/ElnathPQ.
  • CWKPQ as Expedition-based event.
  • Expeditions: Scarga/Horntail/Showa/Balrog/Zakum/Pinkbean.
  • GuildPQ + Guild queue with multi-lobby systems available.
  • Brand-new PQs: BossRushPQ, CafePQ.
  • Mu Lung Dojo.
  • Capt. Latanica remade as an event (parties can now fight the boss).


  • Doll house quest functional.
  • Quests can now reward properly items when matching a reward item with the player's job.
  • Quest rewards according to jobs works properly.
  • Reward selection and randomed reward works properly.
  • Loads of quests have been patched.
  • Meso requirement for starting/completing quests now must be met by the player.
  • Lots of job questlines (rewarding skills) have been patched/implemented.
  • Enhanced rewarding system: checks for stacking opportunities on the inventory before checking for new slots.
  • Improved the quest expiration system, one of the tweaks making the clock UI disappear when completing/expiring quests.
  • Reviewed Aran questline.
  • Reviewed 4th job skill questlines as a whole.
  • Complete overhaul on the 3rd job quiz (explorers), with all 40-question pool now made available.

Player Social Network:

  • Guild and Alliance system fully functional.
  • Implemented Marriage system from the ground-up
  • Beginners can create and join a "beginner-only" party (characters up to level 10).
  • Enhanced synchronization on Player Shops and Hired Merchants. Transactions made are instantly informed to the owner.
  • Game minirooms such as match cards and omok now has semi-functional password system.
  • Item pickup cooldown on non-owned/non-partyowned items functional.
  • Further improved the server's ranking system, now displaying properly daily player ranking movement.
  • Automated support for Player NPCs and Hall of Fame.

Cash & Items:

  • EXP/DROP/Cosmetic Coupons.
  • EXP/DROP coupons now appears as a buff effect when on active time.
  • Great deal of cash items functional.
  • New scroll: antibanish. For use only in cases where bosses send a player back to town.
  • Inventory system properly checks for item slot free space and ownership.
  • Storage with "Arrange Items" feature functional.
  • Spikes on shoes.
  • Vega's spell.
  • Owl of Minerva.
  • Pet item ignore.
  • New Year's card (New Year effect sometimes d/c's a player).
  • Kite.
  • Cash Shop Surprise.
  • Maple Life.

Monsters, Maps & Reactors:

  • Every monsterbook card is now droppable by overworld mobs.
  • Added meso drop data for basically every missing overworld mob.
  • Monsterbook displays drop data info
  • Every skill/mastery book is now droppable by mobs.
  • Mobs now can drop more than one of the same equipment
  • Limited item count on maps
  • Implemented Zombify disease status.
  • Added Boss HP Bar for dozens of bosses.
  • If multiple bosses are on the same area, client will prioritize Boss HP bar of the target of the player.
  • Boats, elevator and other travelling mechanics fully working.
  • HP decreasing overtime on maps and mechanics to prevent them (consumables, equips) fully functional.
  • Crimson Balrog boat approaching visual effect made functional.
  • PQs, Taxis and other event-driven situations warps players at random spawnpoints, GMS-like.
  • Some reactors (PQ bonus boxes) spraying items on the map, instead of dropping everything at once.
  • Reactors pick items up smartly, checking for an option to pick up on many-items-nearby scenario.
  • Updated many scripted portals not implementing SFX properly.
  • Updated Crimsonwood, World Tour, Nihal Desert and Neo City, enabling quest completion and game progression in these areas.
  • Giant Cake (anniversary-themed boss) drops Maple equipments, Maple scrolls, summoning bags and many more interesting items.

PQ potentials:

  • Lobby system - Multiple PQ instances on same channel.
  • Expedition system - Multiples parties can attempt on a same instance (lobbies and expeds are mutually-exclusive).
  • Guild queue system - Guilds can register themselves on a queue for the GPQ.

Player potentials:

  • Adventurer Mount quests functional.
  • All Equipment levels up.
  • Player level rates.
  • Gain fame by quests.

Exploits patched:

  • Player being given free access to any character of any account once they have authenticated their account on login phase.
  • Player being given permission to delete any character of any account once they have authenticated their account on login phase.
  • Player being able to start/complete any quest freely.
  • Several assynchronous-oriented exploits patched, highlights on those involving Fredrick & Duey.

Custom NPCs:

  • Agent E: Accessory crafter.
  • Donation Box: Instant-sell NPC.
  • Ace of Hearts & Coco: C. scroll crafter.
  • Spiegelmann: Instant-ore refiner NPC.