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Site Web
Discord Discord
Version Shadowlands 9.2.5
Type Funserver Custom
United States
Dernière mise à jour04 Jun 2022
Date d'inscription03 Jun 2022


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Welcome to the Shadows-Embrace 9.2.5 Funserver!

We have decided to open up our server for Early Access!

(Although it is early access, all progression is permanent, there will be no character/account resets on full release)

We are a new funserver that offers custom and unique content on the current expansion of WoW.

Video Showcase:

Intro Video

Covenant System | Soulshape Editor


Instant level 60.​

20 total dungeons.​

Custom introduction area for initial spawn to display a few features.​

Fully custom Mall with scripted NPC's and events.​

Covenant System: You can choose a covenant with free max renown and all conduits unlocked.​

Magic Stone with teleports to all locations, including a few World Teleports.​

Fully upgradeable gear.​

Player's choice of a Legendary Weapon.​

Fully custom scripted story line (12 total dungeons).​

Mythic+ system working for all custom dungeons.​

Fully custom scripted Dungeon Defense mini-game, based on the game 'Dungeon Defenders.'​