Heron Server 7.3.5

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Site Web wow.valenserver.eu
Discord Discord
Version 7.3.5
Type High Rates PvE Only Shop Voting Rewards Dungeons Scripted Instances Trinity Friendly Staff Raids
Emplacement Hungary
Dernière mise à jour26 Sep 2023
Date d'inscription28 Feb 2018


Welcome to the Heron Server! 

For more information, visit our website at: wow.valenserver.eu, where you can find handy options like teleport hub, armory, webshop, news or our contacts, like our own discord server link.

The server currently focuses only  Pve content.

Discord Server Link:https://discord.gg/Bt3CqWV3

Our team is recruiting developers and gm-s. If you feel that you can help us and would like to see the server grow quickly and smoothly, please join our discord server and contact Szauron who will respond to your inquiry as soon as possible.

The server will be running on the 7.3.5 patch so all content will be available but there will be some features that need to be improved or implemented..

Hope to see you in our community! Best regards: Heron server Team!

We are looking for game masters. Anyone who has experience in using gm commands and how they work and who would like to help and manage the progress of players on the server can apply at the link below. Anyone who wants to apply for this post should contact me on discord(Szauron).

Developer C++
Hi, we are looking for developers. If you know c++ and have already created db fixes, please contact us at the link below and look for Szauron.