Unleashed WoW

Site Web unleashedwow.servegame.com
Discord Discord
Version 3.3.5a WOTLK Wrath of The Lich King
Type Custom Content No Cheats No Donor No Hacks Transmogrifier Friendly Staff Crossfaction High Rates
Emplacement Australia
Dernière mise à jour11 Jan 2024
Date d'inscription14 Jun 2021


Unleashed WoW

About Us The Unleashed WoW team consists of only a small handful of very enthusiastic individuals who have a huge passion for legacy world of warcraft, but want to add their own spin on how we want people to experience the world.

We Offer A friendly environment where people have the freedom to experience Azeroth as it was originally was intended with a twist

Custom Content

- Progressive content (current: WOTLK)

- 102 total talent points

- 4 Professions

- No Pay to Win

- Individual Experince Rate 5x

- Anti cheat Bot

- Auction House Bot

- Cross Faction and PVP

- Transmog

- Random Enchants

- Oceanic Server Location

- Balanced/Scaled Dungeons and Raids

- Racial Trait Swap

- 1v1 Arena

- Reagent Bank