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Site Web vpnkuz.softether.net
Version 3.3.5a
Type Blizzlike Dungeons No Donate PVP Raids Trinity Voting Rewards Arenas Battlegrounds
Emplacement Croatia
Dernière mise à jour29 Jun 2019
Date d'inscription10 Jun 2019


Hello to everyone, I invite everyone to try our WotLK (3.3.5a) server and test it for lag, server crashing, etc. Most players do not want much time to lose on leveling, the server we set up on x4 for XP - Reputation - Battleground. Through our website, we included voting every 12 hours. Collected voting points can be spent on a teleport character in the game and on the Item store. The server is open and I hope to see you. 

Change Logs
24 Jun 2019

We have Glyph and Heirlooms vendors ready for support you in game!!!