RO: GameFi NFT x P2E

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Version Renewal
Type Play to Earn NFT NO Pay to Win NO Cash shop 4th Job International Low Rate
United States
Dernière mise à jour07 Oct 2022
Date d'inscription07 Oct 2022


Good day everyone,
RO: GameFi 2x/2x/1x Episode 18.2
4th Class will be available on early December.
We are the 1st server to have a full Tokenomics and Play to Earn mechanism(you may earn $300 per month).
No Cash shop, No Pay to Win. Just like the days we have before.
We will run this server together with the players, player-governance system will be ready on December. Holding our governance tokens will get more rights.

*  Official Webiste:
*  Twitter:
*  Whitepaper:
*  Discord:
*  Account creation:
*  Client download:

- Official Server Features:
· Episode: 18.2
· Third Classes: Fully Available
· Fourth Classes: Fully Available on December 2022
· Rebellion/ Kagerou/ Oboro/ Doram: Fully Available
· Functional Eclage, El Dicastes, Malangdo & Mora Quests
· Instance Dungeons Available: Central Laboratory, Last Room,  Charleston Crisis, Airship Assault, Bios Island, Morse's Cave, Temple  of the Demon God, Faceworm's Nest, Old Glast Heim, Endless Tower,  Illusion Dungeons, Oz Labyrinth, and more!
· Nightmare Mode Dungeons Nightmare Clock Tower, Glast Heim, Pyramids,  Scaraba Hole
· Champion Mob System
· WoE, PvP, and Battlegrounds
· Eden Group Quest Boards
· Geffen Night Arena (November 2022)
· Airship Crash(December2022)
· Tomb of Remorse(January 2023)
· Constellation of Tower(January 2023)

- Custom Server Features
· Costume NPC: All headgear can be made into a Costume headgear.
· Daily Login Rewards
· Official Premium Palettes
· Automated Events
· RODT Token
· Trading House
· Play-to-Earn mechanism 
 (Daily quest, Boss Hunting, PVP, WoE)
· Seasonal in-game Events
· Custom Map
· Weapon training 
· Soul nurture

Open Beta Test will be launched on 31st October.
We will run this server together with the players and the public, in-game voting system will be ready on December. 
Holding our governance tokens will get more rights and receive profits.