Light RO

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Version Pre Renewal
Type Active GMs Balanced Customs Friendly GMs High Rate Newbie Friendly Quests Competitive Custom Items International
Emplacement Singapore
Dernière mise à jour20 Jun 2021
Date d'inscription12 May 2021


✴Officialy Opened on May 1, 2021!!✴
Sawa naba kayo sa mga EDITED Players na may EDITED na Items?
Sawa naba kayo sa mga BIAS na GM/Admins?
Sawa naba kayo sa mga bata ng GM's?
Eto na ang server na para sainyo, a Server for Gamers by Gamers!
✴Fully unbiased GM Team with Farmable Donation Tickets
🍥Long term Server which caters your long term needs as a Gamer!
🍥Facebook page:
🍥Facebook Group:
🍥Discord Link:
🍥255/100 High Rate Transcendent Class Server!
🍥Server Rates: Base/ Job: 10,000x
🍥Kiel Based / Frost Server
🍥Normal and Mini Boss Cards: 100%
🍥MvP Cards: Modified | Rare Cards: Modified
🍥Modified Useless MvP Cards!!
🍥Modified Weapons, Armors, And Etc. to fit a 255 server!
🍥Max Stats: 255 / Max SP: 4000 / Max ASPD: 196
🍥Guild/ Party Capacity TBA
🍥Gepard Protection 3.0
🍥Max 5 Clients
🍥VIP System
🍥Gold Room
🍥DB/ BB Room
🍥Fishing System
🍥Hourly Points (with REWARDS)
🍥PVP Points / Points System Enabled
🍥Guild Rankings Enabled!
🍥No Overpowered Donation Items
🍥Tool Dealer /Utilities
🍥Basic NPC's Included!
🍥Berry Exchanger
🍥Coin Exchanger
🍥Dummy Test
🍥MVP Rankings w/ Points
🍥Automated Events such as DICE, Poring Catcher, Fast typing Events, Find the Mushroom, and ETC.
🍥Shower Events
🍥Ingame GM Events
🍥GvG, PT vs PT Hosted Events!
🍥Thousands of COSTUMES to be released gradually!
🍥Others soon to come!
🍥PvP ready freebies and Solo Pack!!!!!!!
✴Join our FB Group and Discord for GPacks! (Additional Freebies if members are Seven or more! More Freebies if members are 12 or more )