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Version Pre Renewal
Type Active GMs Balanced Competitive Events Friendly GMs Low Rate Newbie Friendly Storyline Trans Class Old School
Emplacement Singapore
Dernière mise à jour02 Feb 2021
Date d'inscription02 Feb 2021


More info of our server:
■ Up to 20x/20x/1x (Starts from 5x/5x/1x).
■ Transcendent Jobs 99/70 (Pre-renewal)
■ Episode 10.3
■ Casual-Player Friendly
■ Daily Field Manuals, BBGs, Potions good for 1 hour.
■ Happy Hour during Friday night and Weekends only.
■ Daily Board Quest Enabled
■ Gepard Shield 3 Protected
■ NO Boss/Mini-Boss Card on WoE or GvG
■ NO Dual - Single Client Only
■ NO Custom Items on WoE or GvG
■ Donation Headgears may also be obtained via Quest
■ Advanced Level DDOS Protection
■ Super-dedicated GM
■ RMS Based Server
■ PK-Enabled ( MVP Maps )
■ Aside from Gepard 3 we have Human Bot Police System

Awnree One-three

Do you want to experience the nostalgia of the old Ragnarok Online Classic? Do you want to achieve all the things you missed out on when you were too young or busy with school and couldn't devote gametime to your favorite MMORPG? Do you want to belong to a growing English-speaking RO community where newbies are given a leg-up by veterans, boss hunts happen hourly without fail, WOE is fair and competitive, grinding for zeny or headgear materials is manageable, and donation is not a prerequisite to achieve your l33t Classic RO goals? Then MYROCLASSIC is the server for you!

The 5/5x experience rates might appear intimidating but with the exp bonuses from the flu-mask costume, levelling up doesn't become a slog even at the usual plateau from base lvl 50 onwards. Free basic exp manuals are available every day for casual players who can only devote an hour of gaming per night and happy-hour rates shoot up to 7.5/7.5x at certain times of the weekday then 10x/10x/2x on weekends. Start out as a lowly archer to become a powerhouse sniper and hunt for high-value drops on your own or make a support character and enjoy partying with other players. Who knows, you might make new friends to boost you with basic +4 items and help you power-level.

With its devoted player-base, there's so much to experience and enjoy at MYROCLASSIC. We are a server focused on longevity, and we hope to see you online soon! If you're too busy at the moment but are thinking about coming back to the world of Midgard in the future, just join our community page on Facebook so that you're up to date on server developments. We'll still be going strong a year from now, but do register as soon as you can to get a headstart!

MYROCLASSIC: The RO of your youth, the RO server you've been looking for!