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Type SMP Economy Seasons Extreme biomes mcmmo Family Friendly Casual
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Dernière mise à jour02 Aug 2023
Date d'inscription01 Aug 2023


AgoriaMC - Unleash Your Survival Spirit!

Embark on a thrilling hardcore survival adventure at AgoriaMC! Explore breathtaking extreme biomes like giant mushroom forests and eerie fungus swamps, thanks to our custom Terraform Generator!

Seasons Come Alive - Embrace the Change!

Survive the dynamic day/night cycle that shifts with the seasons. Longer nights in winter, blooming flowers in spring, and thriving crops in summer! Each season brings unique twists!

Economy and Skills - Carve Your Path! Earn money at our admin shop (/shop) or create chestshops to trade with other players. Unleash your potential with MCMMO skills obtained through ingame item sets. Become the master of your favorite skills or the jack of all trades!


Join a Thriving Community - Together We Grow! AgoriaMC may be small now, but our friendly, mature community is growing fast! Forge alliances and shape the server's future with us. Join now and be part of something great!


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Java and Bedrock Compatible | Maximum Capacity: 100 Players

Fair play enforced - No griefing, no cheating.

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