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Statut Unknown
Dernière PingMonitoring disabled
Version Any
Type Amazing Free Lifesteal Crossplay
Emplacement Nepal
Dernière mise à jour06 Apr 2023
Date d'inscription05 Apr 2023


Nepiz is a minecraft smp mainly played by nepali people. While our main aim is to promote the culture of our country nepal & teach some basic skills required in life.

There are many features in Nepiz smp promoting nepali culture like :-

1) President election in Nepiz smp every month. (mainly for educational purpose)

2) Social education, like : legislature, executive & judicary.

3) Rank, Sunako sikka, & pets.

5)Promoting Nepali Culture.

4) Java and Bedrock both can join!

There are many fun in Nepiz smp.


Gamemodes in nepiz smp are - Nepiz : Lifesteal map, Nepiz : Bedwars, Nepiz : and many more.


Any version player can play but We recommand : 1.16-1.19

We are a developing smp of nepal, Our aim is to provide education with entertainment to nepali people from nepiz smp. We request you all to join our discord server for better experience.