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Statut Online
Dernière Ping25 minutes 52 seconds ago
Version 1.16
Type Semi Vanilla Economy Plugins Ranks Crates Community Achievements Griefprevention Arena Pvp Events
United Kingdom
Dernière mise à jour18 Jul 2021
Date d'inscription06 Apr 2020


Olympus is a new welcoming server for those who are mature enough to be mindful of others without letting it effect the fun! 


Grief Protection

Protect your builds from grief using claims. Share your claims and chest protections with friends. Set up donation chests which only you can take from and more!


Daily rewards for voting! 5 crate keys a day with an extra just for voting 5 times! Special unique rewards that are rotated regularly so you are garanteed differant items often.


Ranking system based on votes and trust level in the community. More perks for higher ranks and all you need to do is keep voting for higher ranks. 


Tempfly given daily just for logging in! Extra tempfly given for each and every vote! Fly around for fun or use it to help you build!


A working economy with in-game money. Create cheques to give, use commands to pay or recieve money from others. Shop chests to sell and buy anything you like. Server shop to sell to to get started and more money as reward for voting.


A server discord to chat to other players! Link your minecraft account in game with your discord and be able to see and post to the server chat from the discord channel!

PVP Arenas

PVP disabled in the world but PVP arenas to be able to battle your friends in a safe environment without losing levels or items! Options to make your own arenas at higher ranks!


A huge amount of warps to visit including farms, towns, shops and helpful faqs


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