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[Version 1.7-1.16+] Just Reset - MineHeroes Mega Network offers:
SkyBlock, Factions, Survival, Prison, Creative, 1v1Duels PvP, OPPVP, KitPvP, Minigames, UHC

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Mineheroes is one of the greatest survival servers I’ve ever been on. The Mineheroes community is so supportive, and every staff member is kind and understanding. One of the best factors of the Mineheroes server is the Skyblock survival servers


There is so much to do on this server that it will keep you busy for a long time. Plus with the added fact to seasonal events, limited edition rewards and brand-new features added all the time. There’s always something to do! One of my personal favourite features is lava fishing and Island pickaxe. Lava Fishing is a warp available to all players of the Skyblock servers. (At /warp lavafishing — or /warps and click on the fishing rod) Lava Fishing is the single best way to get money quickly. All you need to do is fish in the pool of lava at the warp, and wait for a piece of paper to fly out. Pull in the rod, and you got yourself $5,000 to $10,000 per reel. Lava fishing works in tiers every time you level up the tiers you earn more money. At level 250 you go to tier 2 and start earning $10,000 to $20,000. Whilst it is very time-consuming to level up each tier the rewards are worth the wait. And there’s no limit to how often you’re able to go there and when.


The island pickaxe is also a great feature. On every private island, when you do /pickaxe you can start your magical pickaxe journey. With this feature, you can upgrade and create a unique pickaxe that will benefit you in so many ways. All you have to do is to finish tasks. Mining a particular amount of cobblestone will give you the ability to upgrade your fortune skill for 1 to 5 before turning into the next upgrade, Shard Breaker. Shard breaker is a unique enchantment of Mineheroes that allows the player to have a small chance of obtaining a Shard key which can be redeemed for rewards at /warp crates or /crates. You should keep in mind that you need to be Rank Skyborn (Rank 15) before this will work — giving you plenty of time to earn money, upgrade and max out your pickaxe. The pickaxe upgrades don’t only require mining but also one of the most tedious parts of Minecraft — Farming — and no you can’t automate it if you want to upgrade the pickaxe fully. You have to plant and break all by hand. There is however an amazing benefit to this:

  • When you have the Activist Rank you have access to /ab this allows you to turn on a special ability that lets you instantly replant seeds once a fully mature crop is broken. You MUST have seeds in your inventory or the crop will just break.

  • The Sell hoe — one of the most important parts of the Skyblock server. This hoe can be purchased at /shop for a relatively cheap price. When you break a fully grown crop with this hoe it instantly sells it for a better price than if you were to just sell it regularly. The hoe can be upgraded to instantly break melons and pumpkins. To harvest a larger area and to yield a larger harvest giving you more money.

  • Allows you to have the chance of creating beautiful crop farms that aren’t ruined by Redstone and messy block placements all for the benefit of automation.

  • The tick speed of crops is much faster than in regular Vanilla Minecraft which makes waiting a lot less tedious, and with the benefit of crops still growing when you're AFK (As long as you're ON your island). You can go grab a drink and some food and your crops will be all ready for you.


I won’t spoil any more of the server. There is just too much to cover and so much more to be added. Don’t be afraid to check out the warps and let out your inner creativity. The island is yours to create! Mineheroes is perfect for anyone and everyone regardless of skill. Just be yourself and have fun! There's no limit! 


Have fun building and exploring!