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Version 317
Type Skilling Economy Old School High Rates
Dernière mise à jour12 Nov 2014
Date d'inscription12 Nov 2014


Hello Everyone,Today is the official release of sunlightscape!Looking for mods/admins!ALL SKILLS + PK SKILL!Features
- Dicing
- Pm logs
- Chat logs
- Commands logs
- Vote store
- Curse prayer
- Players shop
- Donator island
- All Tzhaar waves
- Custom quest tab
- Bank slots fixed
- Vote4Cash system
- Money pouch fixed
- 317 Gameframe fixed
- Multiple custom item
- Custom ranks + crowns
- Clan chat + Lootshare
- Donator Credits system
- Ingame item spawner GUI
- Staff interface options
- Created summoning system
- Perfect skillcape emotes
- All 25 skill work perfectly
- Perfect combat + perfect PVP
- Dungeoneering & Pk'ing skills
- Skillcape shop with no more lag
- Quest cape require all stats 99
- Christmas craker system opening
- Loyalty titles system color fixed
- Donator cape gives 1.5x more experiences
  *Much more*
- Barrows
- Duel arena
- Tzhaar cave
- Pest control
- Warriors guild

- Godwars
- Corporal beast
- Dagannoth kings
- Tormented demons
- King black dragon go to to download the client.

After download the cache and put it in c:!!!!
After done these steps, run it and there you go!

If it doesn't work, alsways make sure to have the newest version of Java!Forums:
Download: might be off for a moment, due testing etc!