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Version 718 742
Type OSRS items Custom Custom Raids HD 40 Bosses 20 Quests 29 Minigames
Emplacement Canada
Dernière mise à jour16 May 2021
Date d'inscription03 Jul 2015



Website: Anarchyscape

Discord: Anarchy Discord

Updates: May 2021 Updates

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1. Autobank drops / send to inventory
2. Hourly Drop Parties
3. Raids 1 and 2
4. Active PvP
5. Grand Exchange (Autosells and Autobuys)
6. Player Owned Shops
7. Free Donator
8. Group Ironman
9. Boss Tasks
10. Slayer Tasks
11. Prestige system
12. Minime Followers (Apprentices)
13. Dungeoneering
14. Raids 1 and 2
15. Zombies minigame
16. Last Man Standing Brawl
17. Stealing Creation
18. Dicing / Flower Poker
19. Completionist Cape
20. Deadman Mode

Welcome to Anarchyscape.

We've recently added Raids 4, this is the hardest Raids added yet, available only to Completionist Cape players. Rewards include the BIS boots and Melee armor in-game, inquisitor and Demon Slayer Boots.

Raids is the best moneymaking on this server, and new players can start doing raids within days of playing, and are able to make billions.

As for activities, we have your ordinary Runescape minigames like Stealing Creation, Castle wars, and Pest control. If you're looking for something new, we also have custom minigames like Freeze Tag, Brawling tournaments, and Zombies. There are minigame events hosted at least every hour. Also, there are hourly drop parties (even ironmen can attend, and get deathtouch darts / mystery boxes).

We have active PvP at all times, hybrids, pures, mains, maxed combat, zerkers, berserkers, we have a large variety of pkers and pking. Our bounty hunter system rewards players for fighting targets, with a chance of getting statius, vesta, or ancient statuettes. You can train slayer, fight bosses like corporeal beast or nex, or even train your own assassin.

We have a custom minime pet which can wear any of your armor and weapons, helping you **** bosses significantly faster.

If you're looking for a 317 server, our server has old school looks, old school hits, and old school interfaces. If you're looking for a 718 server, our server also has new looks, new hits, and new interfaces.

Change Logs
20 Apr 2021

- Added Elixir's Rapier.
- Added Survivor's Ring.
- Allowed players to edit drops in ::drops while in combat.
- Allowed players to sort bank while in combat.
- Allowed players to access ::gpr while in combat.
- Allowed players to access presets while in combat.
- Allowed players to search drops while in combat.
- Allowed players to use grand exchange while in combat.
- Allowed players to use player owned shops while in combat.
- Allowed players to use change yell while in combat.
- Allowed players to use change title while in combat.
- Lowered donation goal to $50.
- Chatbox shows which raids player is getting drops from.
- Raids 1 / Raids 2 / Raids 3 / Raid 4.
- Examining Bank Keys shows all rewards from chest.
- Examining Crystal Keys shows all rewards from chest.
- Examining Muddy Keys shows all rewards from chest.

- Added escape for closing interfaces.
- Added control E for opening events.
- Lend item names are only updated every 5 minutes to reduce lag.
- Raids 1 and 2 have 1/20 chance of lending cupid's sword for 2 days.

- Added new links to front page for updates.
- Added James's Scythe.
- Lent items show how long they are lent for.
- Lent item's name changes based on days / minutes / hours left.
- Added new money-making guides to Anarchy Discord.
- Added new price guides to Anarchy Discord.

- Reduced points required in raids 1 by half.
- Added Demon Slayer Boots to raids 4 for 7 days.
- Added God Destroyer Sword to raids 4 for 7 days.
- Added God Destroyer Spear to raids 4 for 7 days.

- 1/10 chance of Easter Aura from stealing creation win.
- Event will last 7 days.
- It will give Easter Aura for 7 days.
- Easter aura has blood / venom / 200 hp boost / 15% damage boost.
- Fixed zombies not giving event tokens / counting minutes.
- Fixed stealing creation not giving event tokens / counting minutes.

- Pickaxe in toolbelt now works.
- Fixed lag when server starts.
- Decreased amount of competitions.
- Added Demon Slayer Boots (2nd bis boots).
- Added Demon Slayer Boots / Inquisitor to armor guide.
- Fixed God Destroyer inventory models.
- Set God Destroyer weapon prices to 150B.
- Set Demon Slayer Boots price to 60B.

- Added God Destroyer sword.
- Added God Destroyer spear.
- Buffed LR300 by 350%.
- Added skiller's dream xp boost to Noticeboard > Events.
- Added minigame events to Noticeboard > Events.
- Added 100% donation bonus event to Noticeboard > Events.

- Added examine option to muddy chest to see rewards.
- Buffed God Destroyer.
- Fixed Thor's warhammer on drop interface.
- Added mystery box drop table.
- Sorted mystery box drop table by price.
- Added puzzle scroll box drop table.
- Sorted puzzle scroll box drop table by price.
- Drops no longer scatter (drop on same square).
- All drops is selected by default for new players. (::drops)

- Added new interfaces to raids 1 / 2 / 3 / 4.
- Examine drop interface is now sorted by price.
- Raids interface is now sorted by price.
- Added God Destroyer to Raids 4.
- Redid 4-5 waves in Raids 4.
- Buffed William Marshal's special attack (3 hits).
- Buffed Luke the Lava God's magic attack.
- Buffed God Destoyer's magic attack.

- Removed shift requirement for zooming.
- Easier zooming with mouse scroll.
- Fixed Anarchy defender in inventory.
- Buffed Anarchy defender stats.
- Allowed Anarchy defender in pvp.

- Added Easter sword (better than carapace dagger).
- Easter sword can be obtained from easter quest @ home.
- Added system to detect lag.

- Desert eagle does 3x more damage. [VIP gun]
- Added Inquisitor melee set.
- Inquisitor set is melee / range / mage tridbrid.
- Inquisitor set has 12% damage boost (best in slot melee).
- Inquisitor set has 500 hp boost total.
- Inquisitor set has 150 drop rate boost total.
- Inquisitor set has 15% raid point boost total.
- Added Inquisitor set to Raids 4 for 1 week.
- Added Inquisitor set to mystery boxes for 1 week. (1/5000)

- Fixed face mask not working at Jimmy boss.
- Fixed Sirenic Jad requiring Sirenic scrolls in raids 4.

- Added Easter Egg.
- Easter Egg heals player to full.
- Every boss over 500 combat drops easter egg (1/50).
- Easter eggs will be dropped by bosses for 14 days.
- Players can have a maximum of 10 easter eggs at one time.
- Added Easter Aura.
- Easter aura has 100 drop rate, 15% damage boost.
- Easter aura has 200 hp boost, blood, venom.
- Easter aura can be activated to turn on vampyrism.
- Made aura time remaining easier to read.
- Fixed Raids 4 requiring infinity gauntlet.
- Fixed value option on party chest.
- Fixed Loyalty Token shop trade option.