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Version 317
Type Custom Custom Bosses Raids Game Modes Hot Milfs
Emplacement United States
Dernière mise à jour24 Apr 2024
Date d'inscription11 Apr 2022


Fantasy - NEW UPDATE

Fantasy is a Custom RSPS with over 400 players online active daily.

There's a new update on Fantasy every weekend, and a lot of our updates are suggestion based.

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Game Progression

After joining Fantasy, type ::progress and you will see an easy-start progression interface.

In this interface, you can progress through the tasks, while claiming the crates for insane loots!

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Free Mystery boxes

Type ::vault in-game and enter the code 'release'

You will be able to claim thousands of free mystery boxes, that will give you great starter gear/items.

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Free Donator

At Fantasy, we give every player free donator on login! Type ::freedonator to claim this benefit.

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Collectors Benefit

Type ::collectors in-game to claim a free collectors benefit! This will make all boss drops go to your inventory/bank.

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Checkout our guides page here for a list of helpful tips/information:

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Discord Giveaways

Join our discord by clicking here and you will see all of our giveaways in #giveaways channel!

Enter these giveaways for a chance to obtain lots of free loots.

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