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Type Skilling
United Kingdom
Dernière mise à jour02 Feb 2014
Date d'inscription02 Feb 2014


Project Midnight was run 2 years ago by me for about 3 months but due to computer troubles i had to shut it down. now i have recreated the server and updated many things about it so we are back! New and Upcoming server here looking for players and staff so why not give us a try? 
What we have to offer:
- Double exp weekends- Torva, Pernix, Virtus- Primal armor and weapons- all chaotics- working christmas crackers!- working sled, and easter basket- spirit shields(corp drops sigils and you add to shield)- Vesta, Zuriel, Statius, Morrigan- Claws- godsword with correct specs- Fully working godwars! (dismantle/assemble godswords)- overloads- working dfs!- crystal key chest that rewards random items- working minigames(pc, barrows, pits, etc.)- all skills work excluding summoning.- slayer point system- pk point system with kdr- lottery- premium donator rank as well as normal rank- giant mole that spawns every 30 mins and drops rares(3a and holliday based rares)- slash bash in the wild that drops PvP armor and weapons- Active Owners
Owners: Midnight(coder and owner(me)) and sunlight(co owner)
We do need mods and admins but we will not give those positions out for awhile until we decide who we want.
So what are you waiting for?! join today!
Client Download:
Webclient: coming soon