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Type Cad Custom Cars Economy Drugs Gangs Roleplay RP Serious Rp Vrp Jobs
Location United Kingdom
Last Update27 Apr 2022
Join Date27 Apr 2022


North West RolePlay is a RP Server. We maintain an active staff team and community, all of which work together to provide the best and most up to date FiveM server out there. Features include a dynamic economy, whitelisted jobs such as Police and NHS with real ranking structures with performance based pay increases, and various surprises for you to find out about. North West is designed to provide you with the freedom to be whoever you wish, and allow you create and develop your own story.

We offer many player-owned businesses, as well as the chance to create your own from absolute scratch, only costing in-game money that you have earnt throughout your time in the city! If you wish to work for one of these, simply ask a manager or an owner of the business in city!

We offer many illegal jobs, with our new and custom made criminal reputation system, allowing criminals to work their way up in the criminal underworld and unlock various things as their reputation increases. At the absolute basic level, this includes store and house robberies, but as you gain a name in the city, this expands to so much more that you must find out in city!

Some Cool Features

Gang Menu / Crew System
Dispatch System with live map with all officers locations etc… and all calls are sent to Dispatch
Radio System and Secure Channels Aswell!!
Store Robberies / Bank Robberies / Art Gallery Robbery And Much More Criminal Activites To Do…
Electrician Job
Trucker Job
Amazon Job
Manage Your Own Stores And Manage Your Own Stock Levels
Manage Your Own Gas Stations And Manage Your Own Fuel Prices
Manage Your Own Trucker Business And Hire Drivers Etc… (Skill Levels Added To This)
Loads Of Civilan Jobs to Choose From

Come try us out and if you have sugestions/ideas you would like adding into our server we will aim to do it for you!!


Monthly Giveaway we do each month is the following

The most active player will recieve a custom import vehicle into game of their choice for FREE

you can check your playtime by doing the following below

/playtime - ingame

/leaderboard - shows the top 5 people



Server IP

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