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Sitio Web Sitio Web
Discord Discord
Versión Shadowlands 9.0.5 9.1.0
Tipo Blizzlike Voting Rewards Friendly Staff Transmogrifier Trinity shadowlands
Ultima Actualización18 Sep 2021
Fecha de Ingreso31 Dec 2020


Hello there, Scarlet wow 
-Rates x 2 and weekends x4
-No pay to win
-Free Heirloom vendors in main capitals
-Allied races unlocked from begin
-Demon hunter,Death Knight,Worgen,Pandaren starting zones working
-Battlepets enabled
-Exile Reach starting zone working for Alliance/Horde
-The Maw,Oribos,Bastion,Ardenweald,Maldraxxus Shadowlands zones spawned/opened
-Intro The Maw questline working
-Bastion campaing questline working
-9/9 Shadowlands Dungeons scripted/opened + Castle Nathria Raid + Sanctum of Damnation
-Leveling is easy
-Vote points enabled in Website
-Battlepay enabled
-Daily fixes
-Friendly and active Staff
Feel free to enjoy us and help us to grow up.We want to form a great community.
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